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Hi, I'm Lucy.

I'm beach born and bred.

I grew up on the South Coast of Victoria in a small town which I call my favourite place, Point Lonsdale. From as early as I can remember my life revolved around the beach and sport. Combining the two of them was, and still is, my heaven. Growing up my days were spent at nippers, surf life saving, swimming, beaching, running and surfing.

I have always loved art and when not in my graphics class, I was typically sketching all over my workbooks anyway. I threw myself into Civil Engineering at 18 and have enjoyed almost 10 years of professional life in Melbourne. Through this time I painted on weekends and on summer holidays and exhibited my works 4 times over this decade.

My art has grown and changed as I have in my personal life. I moved to Noosa, on the Sunshine Coast after travelling slowly up Australia's East Coast with my paints, my worldly possessions and my surf boards. I was constantly amazed by the beauty of Australia's coast and inspired to keep experimenting with my colours, mediums and sketches.


All my pieces are inspired by things that I love - the ocean, bodies, athletes, surfers, tropical plants, animals... my works are initially transformed from  photographs taken by both myself and others. Each photograph evolves on its own; an experimentation to reach the perfect combination of medium, colour, style and scale.

I hope you like them! X

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