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20 Days

In July 2019 I will be embarking on a 20 day creative party in one of my favourite places, Hoi An, Vietnam.

It has been almost eight years since my last exhibition as an artist. I have been desperate for more than just a weekend, just a day off, or just an evening to explore my different creative ideas... And so the idea of an art based break in a place that I love was born. Perhaps my eat-pray+love in the form of heat-paint+banh!

I cannot wait to spend time with all my special friends and family in Hoi An and let them inspire my exploration with colours mediums and subjects.

I will be uploading my art pieces as I finish them, and hopefully, by the end of July will have a collection fit for exhibition when I return to Melbourne. 


If you would like to follow my journey you can check in via

GRAM: @_saltydays_


TWITTER: @saltydays1

WEB <-click

See you on the flipside!

Vietnam 2.JPG
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