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Plain girls wear pink. That was what Gran always said. So I wore red. Red to me was bold, confident, sexy and complimentary of traditional colours. There was a reason red was a colour on so many flags. To me, red was primary, pink was secondary.

Why did baby girls get dressed in pink? Was it the ‘femininity of it?’ And really, what skin colour actually suits the colour pink? In the 1800’s all babies were dressed in frilly white nighties. There was a simple concept to this – they can be bleached over and over again, and pulled up over the head for ease of changes and accidents. By the mid 1900’s the retail and manufacturing world had made its colour mark. Blue for boys and pink girls. People say this blue and pink phenomenon helps avoid awkward baby-adult moments. It distinguishes the sex. Truth is, its actually just genetics, you’re either a cute baby or not

Equality for all right? Why are we girlifying girls with dolls, glitter and pink? Why are we feeding boys with trucks, diggers and blue? I sound like Im supporting a bit of a feminist rant here. In all honesty I’m as far from feminist as they come. I’m well aware that among single people under 35 women out earn men. I’m well aware that women dominate lower paying jobs over the globe. And, I’m well aware that on average women work less hours than men.

Didn’t you know that Anti-feminist women are now the ultimate individualists?

Colour makes the world go round and we need some plain girls to don the pinks the purples the violets and the dare I say it…. magentas. I’m an artist. I often use red. I have only used pink once and I have never used purple. In Italy most performing artists refuse go on stage if they have to wear anything purple. There is a reason Milan is the fashion capital of the world.

At primary school when I broke rules I came home with a pinkslip. It’s interesting that pink has been chosen as the colour to formalise termination from a job. According to the fact site of the world wide web pink is known to increase the heart rate and blood pressure of a person. I’m going to stick to red. It’s a winner. Science proves it, have you ever wondered why Tiger Woods saves his red shirt for the final day of tournaments?

I’m signing off with a drink. It’s going to lower my cholesterol, protect my heart, control my blood sugar and boost my brain. Oh, and its red

Red V Pink

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