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There was confusion in my brain from an early age. It never bothered me when I was young, however to go against natural instincts felt strange and unreasonable. Why couldn’t I hold my knife with my left hand? Was setting my plate back-to-front at the family dinner table that big a deal? Not then, however fast-forward to now, it may be. This was one of a handful of left-hand right -hand instincts I reversed. Others that are memorable include scissors and golf. I now choose to cut poorly with my right hand. The alternative is to rip with my left hand.

Golf was introduced to me early, although not as early as tennis.

[FACT: almost 40% of top tennis players are lefties!]

After years of tennis lessons and mastering a solid left forehand, I was sent to practice the Par 3 with standard hand-me-down right handed golf clubs. I was fortunate that I adapted well and deep down I liked to think I was ambidextrous. I can write with both hands. Although my left side resembles teachers handwriting whilst my right side more a doctors. I brush my teeth, unlock the door, type a text message and peel and orange with my right side. I brush my hair, carry my surfboard, water the garden and eat a peeled orange with my left.

I love being part of a minority and have a closet mollydook inner pride,

[FACT: The left dominants of the world only represent 12% of the population]

They are blessed with a few more interesting traits; they have a symmetrical like brain, they are better at multi-tasking and they are more likely to be alcoholics.

Pondering on these facts, I have so many questions

  • If a brain is more symmetrical does the ‘left-side’ ‘right-side’ phenomenon of differentiating logic and creativity become blurred?

  • Has the self-teaching ambidexterity, challenging instinct and learning to adapt make us more efficient than the rest of the population?

  • Are we more likely to be alcoholics because our brains are stimulated in both logic and creative mode, or is it simply that we multitask so well we end up with more time on our hands?

According to facebook “Lucy” is no. 1 in the top 10 women to drink too much. I’m left handed and called Lucy, Mark Zuckerberg know his stuff so let’s just cheers!

Left V Right

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